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Split Train Tickets:

You can make your train journeys on the UK rails spectacular and budget-friendly by adopting one of the best ways to save money, Split ticketing. Splitting your train tickets in the UK trains refers to buying multiple tickets to go to a destination instead of buying one single ticket as the latter is more expensive.

We are an incredible website where you can book Split Tickets for your train journeys in the UK and explore the beautiful places and hidden gems in the country. With the benefits of Split tickets on our website on major routes in the UK, you can enjoy a budget-friendly travel in the country and spend your money on blissful and wholesome experiences at the destinations.

What is Split Ticketing?

Split Ticketing as the name suggests is the method of splitting your tickets or your train journey into multiple journeys to save huge money. Suppose you are traveling from Birmingham to Leeds, the first option for any passenger is to find trains that take you directly from Birmingham to Leeds, but that is an expensive option in the UK. The most budget-friendly way is to buy split train tickets which means you can travel from Birmingham to Derby then from Derby to Sheffield and finally from Sheffield to Leeds. In this way, you can save around 30% to 50% on your train ticket costs and also explore different destinations on the go using Split Ticketing UK.

How does Split Ticketing work?

Split Ticketing works similarly to your normal direct tickets. You can buy split Tickets on any route on the National Rail Network subject to their availability. However, these tickets are not sold at the station ticket machine, but it is completely legal, so you can easily book these tickets on our website. You can also avail of discounts or use your National Railcards while splitting your tickets. If you're buying Split Tickets for a train route in the UK, you don't have to change trains also if your train stops at the split stops you chose. Hence, it is one of the best ways to enjoy a budget-friendly trip in the UK.

How to book Split Train Tickets on our website?

You can book split tickets on our website using the following steps:

  • If you’re planning to avail of the train splitter benefits, you can enjoy the same on our website.
  • To buy a Split Ticket you can select your departure station and your destination station, date, and number of people traveling.
  • You can select the Split my fare option on the website and check whether there is an availability for Split Train Tickets the route you chose.
  • Once you find your preferred trains and you’re convinced with your route using Split Ticketing, you can confirm your tickets and make the payment.

Advantages of Split Ticketing

There are several advantages of using Split Ticketing UK for your train journeys:

Save Money: The most important benefit of train splitter is that you can save a lot of money on your train tickets if you opt for the Split Ticketing service on our website. There is around 30% difference in the cost of direct tickets and split tickets on 70% of train journeys.

Explore Different Destinations: When you use the option of Split My Fare on our website, you can explore several destinations on a single route. In this way, you witness different attractions and cities in the UK and save money on your trains.

May or May not Change Trains:  Most people think that with a Split Ticket, you have to change trains at all the destinations where you're splitting your ticket, but that is not always true. If you're using the Split My Fare option on our website, you can go from Point A to Point D in the same train if your rail stops at the Point B and Point C stations.

Alternative to Split Ticketing

Yes! Buying Split Tickets on UK rail is one of the most feasible methods to save your train costs but there are several other methods that you can use to enjoy a budget-friendly travel on UK trains. You can book your tickets 12-week in advance to enjoy great savings up to 80% when compared to tickets bought on the same day. Other methods include using Railcards and Passes. You can use Railcards for buying a Split Ticket and also to enjoy extra discounts on your ticket cost. You can travel during off-peak times to avoid the rush and save money on the surge of ticket costs.

Split Train Tickets FAQs:

Split Ticketing means breaking your train journey into different sections. for example – if you are travelling from London to Glasgow, you can either buy a direct train from London to Glasgow costing you more or you can split your journey into two or three parts – from London to Nottingham to Nottingham to Glasgow or any other variation as may be provided/allowed by Train Providers.

The most preferable and budget-friendly way to save money on UK trains tickets is Split Ticketing.

If you’re planning to travel from London to Manchester, you can split your tickets into two from London to Stoke-on-Trent and then to Manchester, to save money.

Split Ticketing is completely legal and practiced very commonly. Even the National Conditions of Travel advise passengers to use more than one ticket to complete their train journey.

You can save around 70% of your train ticket costs just by splitting your ticket when compared with direct tickets. On average you can save £25 per booking.

Ideally, you can reserve a seat on the trains you travel via Split Ticketing. However, sometimes your seat reservation is valid only for a part of your journey. But you can always prefer seat reservations even with Split Ticketing to ensure you’re seated well.

Yes, you can use all available Rail Cards / Network Cards as applicable. You can also apply for the railcard issued by the train experts, for concessional fees (if applicable).

All reservations, tickets related queries, our partner Raileasy is there to help you 24×7. You can cancel or get a refund of your tickets very easily.

You can book tickets to anyone you like but just to ensure that when you, your friends, relatives or family are collecting tickets from any machine/station, the system will ask / may ask for booking reference number and the payment instrument used, which is generally a Credit Card or Debit Card. You may be able to get the ticket from the counter but to print your Split Tickets from Machine, most of the machines will ask you to insert the booking credit or debit card in the machine.

Even if you buy Split Tickets, you can always travel to your destination on a single train if it goes to your final destination, but the rail you choose must stop at the stations for which you bought your split tickets.

The demand of train tickets to certain stations in the UK fluctuates significantly which leads to making split tickets a cheaper option when compared to direct tickets.

You can also split return tickets on our website and get the best deals for the same.

Ideally, you can split a ticket from 2-10 times depending on the availability. Also, it may help you with more savings.

If you miss one train due to a delay in your previous train then you can take the next train of the same train company and you will be sorted. However, if you miss more trains due to huge connection delays, you have to communicate with the station staff and get your onward ticket validated for the next available train.

We do not charge any extra fees for Split Ticketing, instead, you can enjoy amazing discounts.

Split tickets are not a mess to carry around, you will either receive a bunch of traditional orange paper tickets or e-tickets on your mobile with barcodes.

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